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SMF Petals is a groundbreaking web and mobile app developed by ShreeMeera Foundation (SMF) to revolutionize access to spiritual content.

Petals offers users a seamless experience with its diverse range of content presented in multiple scripts and languages. Through user-friendly features like pronunciation guides and enchanting musical renditions, Petals engages users in the exploration of spirituality, self-realization, and the path of devotion.

With convenient collections, customizable favorites, and comprehensive search capabilities, Petals simplifies the journey of spiritual study, empowering users to delve deeper into profound teachings with ease and convenience.

Project X:

Empowering universal exploration of spiritual principles through preservation, accessibility, and evolution of timeless wisdom.

Project X, initiated by SMF in 2014, is a dynamic endeavor focused on preserving, evolving, and applying spiritual principles worldwide. Embracing the essence of spirituality encompassing Knowledge, Devotion, and Meditation, Project X remains dedicated to facilitating universal access to these tenets.

Through digitization efforts, transliteration, translation, and documentary productions, Project X strives to make spiritual wisdom readily available. Its web and mobile applications, SMF Petals, further empower users to engage deeply with diverse aspects of spirituality, fostering a global journey towards
self-enlightenment and understanding.


Digitization of analog audio content

Digitizing analog audio content is essential for ensuring ubiquitous access to audio content, preserving cultural heritage, enhancing audio quality, ensuring compatibility, facilitating searchability and navigation, and integrating with modern technologies. By digitizing analog audio content, we can unlock the full potential of audio experiences and empower users to enjoy the wisdom and knowledge curated over the years.

Migration of proprietary text into Unicode fonts

The migration of proprietary text into Unicode fonts is essential for preservation because it standardizes the encoding, enhances accessibility, ensures longevity, facilitates interoperability, and preserves cultural heritage. By migrating proprietary text into Unicode fonts, we can safeguard valuable content and make it accessible to a global audience for years to come.


Translation of knowledge into multiple languages

Translating knowledge into multiple languages is crucial for knowledge evolution as it enhances accessibility, promotes diversity of perspectives and facilitates global collaboration. Access to knowledge in one’s native language enhances comprehension and retention, empowering individuals to make informed decisions, pursue personal growth, and contribute to society. By translating knowledge into multiple languages, we promote education, empowerment, and the advancement of individuals and communities worldwide

Transliteration of Devnagari content (Sanskrit, Marathi) into English (Roman) script

Transliteration is the process of transferring a word from the alphabet of one language to another. For non-devanagari reading folks, transliteration helps in pronouncing devanagari words in the English (Roman) script. Transliterated literature can be helpful in cases where only reading the text bears fruit. Understanding the meaning is optional.


Ubiquitous access to content

People can readily find, consume, and interact with various types of content using a range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers. This accessibility is irrespective of the geographical location or time constraints, as long as there is an internet connection available.

YouTube videos

Documentary films play a significant role in guiding people on the spiritual path by providing them with insightful perspectives, profound teachings, and transformative experiences. 

Documentary films like “SHREE KSHETRA DATTADHAM – Pinnacle of Peace” and “TAPOVAN AMBERI – Sanctum of Love” play a vital role in supporting individuals on their spiritual journey. Through their powerful narratives and thought-provoking content, these films serve as guiding lights for those seeking deeper meaning, fulfillment, and spiritual awakening in their lives.

Online Education

Simplifying spiritual principles into manageable concepts makes them more applicable to daily life. By distilling complex teachings into practical advice, individuals can use these insights for guidance and personal growth. These concepts integrate spiritual wisdom seamlessly into everyday actions. Principles expounded, based on the Vedanta and the teachings of the Shree Datta, Bhagwat and Varkari lineages form the basis of this education.

Reading, Recitation and Study

By engaging in reading, recitation, and study of stotras, abhangs, aartis, and other content related to upasana (spiritual worship and devotion), individuals integrate time-tested Vedic traditions into their daily lives. These practices serve as vehicles for spiritual nourishment, guidance, and transformation, helping individuals cultivate a deeper sense of spirituality, devotion, and alignment with higher truths in their daily lives. They provide a pathway for embodying the principles of Jnan (knowledge), bhakti (devotion), and yog (meditation) in all aspects of life, fostering inner peace, fulfillment, and spiritual well-being.

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