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ShreeMeera Foundation (SMF) is a dedicated team of volunteers passionately devoted to the preservations, evolution and application of knowledge pertaining to spirituality, self-realization, and the path of devotion.



ShreeMeera Foundation is committed to the preservation, evolution and application of those universal principles that form the basis of existence of life, that give meaning to that existence and that bring life into harmony with the universe within which it exists.

Our Mission

Our mission revolves around harnessing the power of technology to safeguard this invaluable wisdom and make it universally accessible, transcending barriers of culture, language, religion, faith, nationality, and any other lines of division.

By leveraging innovative approaches, we ensure that these profound teachings remain perpetually available to future generations, fostering understanding and unity across diverse backgrounds
and beliefs.

Project X

Project X, initiated by SMF in 2014, is a dynamic endeavor focused on preserving, evolving, and applying spiritual principles worldwide. Embracing the essence of spirituality encompassing Knowledge, Devotion, and Meditation, Project X remains dedicated to facilitating universal access to these tenets. Through digitization efforts, transliteration, translation, and documentary productions, Project X strives to make spiritual wisdom readily available.

Your gateway to universal spirituality, offering diverse content, engaging features, and effortless exploration.

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